(最初に音声認識システムでの応答 )

eBay: “Hi. Welcome to eBay! Just so you know, we may record and listen to this call. To get started, tell me just the first four characters of either  your eBay user name or email address.”

Kobayashi: “Y, U ,R, I”

eBay: “In a few words, tell me how I can help you.”

Kobayashi: “Selling limits increase.”

eBay: “Ok. Let me pass you to an eBay team mate who can help.



eBay: “Hello. This is Linsey from eBay customer support. Can I get your full name please?”

Kobayashi: “Hello. My name is Yuria Kobayashi.”

eBay: “Ok. What is the user name or telephone number that’s registered on the account?”

Kobayashi: “I will give you my user name. It is yuria1992.”

eBay: “Thank you. I am just bringing up your account here on the screen… What is your full name again?”

Kobayashi: “Yuria Kobayashi.”

eBay: “Perfect. What can I do for you today?”

Kobayshi: ” I would like to request higher monthly selling limits.”

eBay: “Okey. I can definitely take a look at that. What types of items are you selling on eBay?”

Kobayshi: ” I am mainly selling used camera bodies and lenses.”

eBay: “How do you get your items? Do you have a supplier that you work with?”

Kobayshi: “I buy them at local retailers and internet auctions in Japan.”

eBay: “What is your normal handling time? How soon is an item shipped out?”

Kobayshi: “I usually ship an item within 3 business days after receiving a payment.”

eBay: “How many more items are you looking to list on eBay at the moment?”

Kobayshi: “At least, I would like to list 100 items and $5,000.”

eBay: “Alright. I am going to put you on a brief hold while reviewing your account and see what kind of increase I can give.”

Kobayshi: “Ok.”

eBay: “Hello. Thank you for holding and so sorry about the wait. Everything looks good on your account. I can bring you from the current monthly limits of 10 items and $500 to 100 items and $5000.”

Kobayshi: “Ah, that sounds good. Thank you so much.” 

eBay: “You are welcome. Just give the system about 10 min. to update. You will also receive a confirmation message to your email address.”

Kobayshi: “I see. Thank you again. I am happy with the new limits.” 

eBay: “No problem. Thank you for calling eBay. Have a good day!”

Kobayshi: “You too have a good day!.”